Sleep your way to clearer vision

Also known as Ortho-K, or CRT (Corneal Reshaping Therapy), Orthokeratology is a non-surgical alternative to vision correction.

Indications: Nearsightedness, up to -6.00 with or without astigmatism of up to -1.75

Common questions:


How does Orthokeratology work?

A specially designed therapeutic CRT contact lens is worn overnight which reshapes the cornea while you sleep. The lenses are taken out in the morning resulting in clear vision for the whole day.

What should I expect from Orthokeratology?

Your vision should be comparable to that of your glasses or contacts. During the early days of therapy, your corneas may slowly return to normal; however, with continual use, the duration of clear vision lengthens. Visual improvement is noticed within the first few days, with complete correction within 1 to 2 weeks.

Is Orthokeratology safe?

The process is completely reversible, and is safe for all ages.

What are the benefits of Orthokeratology?

  • Freedom from glasses & contacts
  • Improved dry eye for current contact lens wearers

Actual Patient @ Montreux Eyecare:

The following image is a corneal map for a lady’s eye (age 40s). Left is the before treatment eye which sees 20/250. Its prescription is about a -3.00. After 20 minutes, the right image shows 20 minutes worth of treatment; and it now sees 20/20. With prolonged use of the orthokeratology lens, the cornea will be able to maintain that new configuration for an entire day*