Glasses for Children

Fribbet at desk

Fribbet at desk

Kids glasses are fun! With our kids glasses, we have many colors and designs available; in a wide range of sizes. Wearing glasses should be a comfortable experience, and as your child grows it is important to have a proper fitting pair of glasses.

Montreux Family Eyecare is a proud provider of the Eye See Eye Learn program. Children of Kindergarten age are eligible for a FREE pair of glasses.

Montreux Kids Program

We are proud to offer the Montreux Kids Program for children 0 to 16 years of age. In partnership with our labs, the Kids program allows for an additional FREE pair of lenses for any reason within 15 months time of purchase.

All kids lenses feature:

  • UV protection
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Scratch & Impact Resistance
  • Easy Cleaning

Kids Program Free Lenses can be used for:

  • Prescription Changes
  • Scratched Lens Replacement
  • 2nd Pair

If the existing frame cannot be re-used, then a new frame must be purchased or supplied. The program does not include a second frame.

Our FEATURED Lens for Kids:

  • Aspheric Phoenix Lenses with a Recharge Anti-Reflective Coating
    • Aspheric design to minimize distortion
    • Phoenix material for impact resistance and high quality optics
    • Recharge Anti-Reflective Coating to minimize blue light exposure from electronic devices
    • Eligible for the Kids Program

The most popular frame brand for young children is here!

We are excited to bring in the Nanovista baby and kids frame lines. These frames feature a thermo-moldable material which is tear proof. The frames are super flexible and are 35% lighter than conventional acetate frames. These frames have been designed for the truly active kids!!!


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Frames for Kids:

  • Nano & Nano Vista

  • Rayban Jr

  • JF Rey

  • Tartine et Chocolat

  • Faconnable

  • Lil Paul & Joe

  • Etnia Kids

Kids Frame Gallery: